Red-Orange Spherical Object in Sky Suddenly Darts Off.

Location of Sighting: St. Charles, Missouri
Date of Sighting: July 4, 2019
Time of Sighting: 8 PM CDT

Video Clip Spherical Orange-Red Object.

Description: My girlfriend and I saw a red object. I took a video, but it wasn’t very good. This thing took off moving. There was also tons of fire works. You can stop the video and zoom in. What is funny is that I live right by Busch Wild Life which is near a nuclear dump site from the Manhattan Project. It is only a few miles away.

The location of my sighting was in St Charles Missouri at Highway 364 and Highway 94. The time was around 8 PM right at sunset. It is interesting to say the least. Tell me what you think I have seen similar which is why I sent it.

What is weird is I have seen this before on New Year’s Eve. Both times it was below the cloud base and accelerated beyond comprehension. In the one video you can watch it versus a cloud.

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2 Responses to Red-Orange Spherical Object in Sky Suddenly Darts Off.

  1. Observer says:

    July 4th & New Year’s Eve? Chinese lanterns would seem to be the obvious explanation in both cases.

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t think that this was a Chinese lantern. The color is wrong and lanterns have a slight distorted shape. Also the object suddenly darted away. Chinese lanterns don’t do this. I think that it could possibly be a pyrotechnic (firework).

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