Red Orb on Ground Blinks Twice & Shoots Away.

Location of Sighting: Bee House, Texas
Date of Sighting: August 30, 2019
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM CDT

Description: I saw a red orb on the ground blinking. It elevated off of the ground, blinked twice and shot off very fast.

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2 Responses to Red Orb on Ground Blinks Twice & Shoots Away.

  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Happy Labor Day, Mr. Puckett! Some years ago, a friend and I were camping out one night in California. We were sitting up and looking at this night’s exceptionally clear sky and talking about things. Suddenly there appearing a small, bright, ruby-red ‘dot’ right in the middle of where we were viewing, and it was rapidly moving through a widening circular path from where it seemed to appear, and blinking on and off at about five times a second as it went. It completed about two gyrations about it’s origin and then it shot away to our left and was gone. We just sat there for a few seconds before I asked my friend if he had seen what I saw and he iterated that he indeed had seen this phenomenon. Whereas I had an interest in ‘unidentified aerial objects’, my buddy had no such interest at all, but he told me that he’d seen this bright red blinking object, and was flummoxed as to what he and I had witnessed. In passing, just such a sighting was thoroughly reported in one of Mr. Jacques Vallee’s books, and I’m pretty certain that what my friend and I saw was essentially the same thing reported in his book. Again, thanks for the GrrrREAT work that you’re doing on your end, sir!

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