Red Shooting Star.

Location of Sighting: Arlington, Vermont
Date of Sighting: December 26, 2017
Time of Sighting: 5:30 PM EST

Description: Hello: I just wanted to share that there was a red shooting star in Arlington, VT last night at 5:30 PM. I saw it upon my prayers and meditation and asking my higher Power God for a sign.

Response From Witness: I know what I saw was a shooting star. This one was like I have never seen before. It happened to have a fire engine red tail that was at the very end. It was almost like a trail. I believe it was what I refer to as a God wink. It was amazing!

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2 Responses to Red Shooting Star.

  1. Mari says:

    Just now I saw a red star in the dusky sky and it shrunk and disappeared. A few minutes later a red short shooting star glowing red went by towards the region of where the star-like object was. I was searching for red shooting star information and saw your website. The two objects went towards each other and are not connected. My sighting was in India, September 8 at 7 PM. The sky was cloudless.

  2. Amanda says:

    About a year ago I saw a shooting star, but it was orange/red. I was driving from Philadelphia to West Virginia. I’m not sure of the exact location or the time since I drove back and forth many times, but I definitely saw it!!

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