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Special Note – May 8, 2021: UFOs Northwest has been receiving a large volume of reports due to Star-Link satellites. If you are seeing a line or lines of star-like objects (sometimes numbering up to 100), you are seeing satellites and not UFO’s. Please do not report.

Note: We do not disclose any personal information in online reports unless witnesses specifically request to be identified. However, we do sometimes share contact information with other investigators that we work with. These investigators also respect witness confidentiality. Due to High Volume of Reports We Are Unable to Issue Individual Responses. We Post All Reports With Sufficient Information. We also may post any photos, videos or sketches sent by witnesses.  UFOs Northwest Thanks You For Reporting Your Sightings. Click here  to read Report UFO Guidelines.

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36 Responses to Report a UFO Sighting

  1. Nancy H. says:

    My son has had several ‘visits’ from “dancing orbs” at night. When they come, they activate his motion sensor security lights on his house (front door, and rooftop). The first time they appeared on his front door camera, they were little white orbs dancing across and in, his front lawn. He explained these as ‘they must be bugs, etc.’. and filed that video away as a curiosity after sending it to me and his best friend. The second time they activated that same front door camera, but they had appeared above the house across the street, in front of his house, appearing above it, dropping down over it (always the two of them in exact unison), then, like a puppy dog sniffing a new playground, they investigated all over the exterior of that neighbor’s house, then dropping down and curiously flitting up and down and all around their backyard fence. I have the video, but don’t know what to do with it. Again, they showed up a week or so later, after my son had mounted another security camera on top of his roof, overlooking his backyard and encompassing his large shop/garage. These cameras are stationary, so all you see is what is in range of the camera. This particular camera was activated when they appeared, dropping into view from above camera angle…..they ‘buzzed’ the whole lawn area and then the whole shop/garage building, with one splitting off and out-of-sight behind the shop, while the other danced and played up and down and all around the exterior of the shop building, ending with a final sweep of the large lawn area between the house and the shop. When the video ends, a long, straight, narrow object glowing, as they did, remained on the lawn. Where can I send these videos, as they are crisp and clear, not blurry as most are. They show very clearly what these things are doing while appearing. My son would not approve of my sending these to anyone. He’s quiet, kind of the shy type that doesn’t want notoriety of any kind. That’s why I am sending it, and counting on you not to publish my email. I don’t want a bunch of strangers asking me questions either. The videos speak for themselves. Will someone respond to me with their thoughts on what is going on here?

    • Administrator says:

      I have 4 security cameras. They frequently pick up orbs when in “night mode.” I suspect that is what your son’s cameras are detecting. If orbs are detected in the daytime, then that is a different story. The orbs are likely atmospheric pollutants (fine particulates). My cameras detect them on a regular basis.

    • lee says:

      Can I see the video?

    • Zachary C. says:

      To clear things up it was late at night on Redstar Road not Inland Road which is what I stated because it was the last road sign I saw when exiting the area. I am still willing to take any form of litmus test to prove my honesty as I see it will be needed for people to understand what is happening before the extraterrestrials can finally land.

  2. Mike V. says:

    On Wednesday night August 19th we saw a UFO fly over our house. My wife, my brother in law and myself all saw the same thing. We took video and still photos. One thing I can say my son in law sent me over a photo form 2018 in South Carolina and it was the same kind of photo that I took. Also on Friday in London, England we got hold of another photo of the exact some kind of thing we saw on Wednesday night. We live in Palmyra, NJ. (All three photos look almost the same.)

  3. Ursula B. says:

    I saw UFOs flying over Scottsdale last night around 9 PM Friday, May 18. They were flying in the same direction, in a line. They first became visible below Venus. They would be visible for about 30 seconds and then another would appear from the same place. This went on for about 10 to 15 minutes. They were not airplanes or satellites. I have an app that tells me if and when satellites are in my area.

  4. Glenn F says:

    I was waiting for ISS to pass over at 8:33 PM. At 8:30 my daughter stated there it is! It looked like a planet was moving in the same direction of the ISS northwest to southeast. What we were looking at looked like a distant planet and was moving at a good clip. I told my daughter I don’t think that was the ISS and surely at 8:33, we spotted the ISS overhead. So what did we see before the ISS? I have no clue?

  5. Paco says:

    Please I just took a picture of the sun and next was a bright something. I have the picture if you want to see it.

  6. Dale says:

    Strange Light Coming From UFO Spotted On The Skies Of China

  7. Jamie Depledge says:

    My truth became something interesting from being a child. I have seen some wonderful strange things in my life and I have had some cases of experiences in the subject UFO’s and spiritual things in my life. It is just interesting to see so many people sharing the same things and it is good to see this. In the past people might have thought you were going off your nut. So now is the time to let people know that there is something going on and it’s not going away I do believe in what I have seen. My life has been turned upside down in the last few years because of my problems with my heart. So much for keeping fit and working hard. It does make things harder to carry on. You Don’t need lots of Tools just a good Camera and maybe a Camcorder to catch your stuff. Myself I have lots of technique’s I have learned myself through the years and just looking around all the time I even use my CCTV cameras. I got some wonderful strange things from this. Just last night the sky was clear and lots of activity was going on more than usual. planes I saw a bright light & looking orange, but looking closer it was a different Color. It was white in the middle, but around the edge it was yellow and green. This was a strange one This sighting was going on on 14/9/2018 (Friday night) at 9 PM onward. It just something interesting. Did anyone else see this.

    Thanks. Mr Jamie Depledge.

  8. Kris K says:

    I am in the heart of it here in Colfax, CA. I am seeing things that certainly confirm higher intelligence. I just bought land on top of the mountain which may or may not permit viewing of some very impossible feats.

  9. Randy V says:

    Did anyone see a blinking red and white orb on 3/12/16? I don’t have footage, but my wife and I saw it. We live in NE Minneapolis by 18th and Central and the orb was facing N Minneapolis. It moved at a high speed then would stay still and move the other way quickly. I noticed it for about 10 minutes before it looked like it sped quickly like it was landing straight down. I have seen drones before even light up drones, but this was way too fast to be one. There was a time where it looked like it was chasing a plane and then switched directions when it looked like the plane turned.

    • Administrator says:

      It would be good if you would list the time of your sighting so other witnesses may compare their sightings.

  10. Diane Carbone says:

    Every night I look out my back window and I have at least 3 UFO’s. I see them about 3:00 AM. They start to play hide and seek or chase. It is lots of fun to watch. They throw beams of light at some of the airplanes they don’t like.

  11. randy says:

    What I saw last night has convinced me beyond any doubt that we are not alone and have much reason to be concerned. June 10th, at 11:40 PM in Alto, NM Military confronts massive UFO flap.

    • Randy Reeves says:

      Over a thousand UFO’s were spotted at this time. Hundreds flew under radar. The next night I saw the same thing again, over a thousand. Sounds crazy, but I got pictures, film, eye witnesses that were with me, radar report, flight patterns of the 12 F16 fighters that were engaging the UFO’s from Hollomon Air Force Base, New Mexico. I’ll take a lie detector test, I’ll go under hypnosis. In Jesus name I’m telling you something is going on. I am the witness.

  12. Tanya Garza-Binder says:

    On September 18, 2013 I was in my front yard in Walla Walla, WA when I saw a basketball sized orb come over my arborvitae. It was moving slowly and rather erratically. All I could do was stare at it. About 2 minutes later I saw a cigar shaped aircraft go over my house with red circular lighting the rear of it. It was flying very low and it made no sound at all. I stared after it for an hour. It was like I was paralyzed. I also went into shock. This is not my only sighting. I see things I cannot explain a lot. I have never found a place to share them until now. If people would look at the sky instead of watching TV they would see that it’s not that unnatural of an occurrence. That is just my opinion. I don’t believe they are here to hurt us. I think they’re trying to make sure we don’t destroy ourselves and our planet. Thanks for your time. Tanya Garza-Binder

  13. Christina says:

    As a child growing up and taking a vacation. We were in New Hampshire with the family we were stopped one night by a large aircraft. My mom said it was a helicopter. The only problem with that being a helicopter was that this aircraft had no sound. It had just flashing lights all around the ship. I knew right away for the very first time at age 15-16 I saw my very first UFO 500 yards from my family and I. The next time I saw two. Sightings of UFOs were right here in Framingham in 2013. I was renting out a room on Union ave. I was doing sign language with a Framingham cop “my boyfriend at the time”, when all of a sudden we both froze and saw our first UFO right over my room roof. Why didn’t “they” take me? Just after that we saw one over route 9 approaching Walgreens coming from Boston Framingham. Dispatch phones were ringing non stop for a good 20 to 30 minutes then everything went silent after two loud bangs rocked Framingham and then they were gone. It happened between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM. To this day May 9, 2015 I strongly believe. If it has happened a couple of times, it will happen. When our President first started as President there was a huge conference going on and Obama will not admit this, but it was online news he himself was making. A speech when right in front of him appeared a man with no hair. He was of human form, but his face was human like. His eyes and smile were Alien form. So everyone. in the Army and Area 51 and secret service anybody working with the President. Do your research and find out what will happen when Aliens come back to visit. The Revolution is getting closer to us. Be ready!

  14. william says:

    Please check out the facebook site “The Disclosure Project UFO”. It is a great site! Good people. We would like to hear from you. Several thousand members, all sharing and learning. Please memtion me, William Walker.

  15. G.D. says:

    I have seen things too, but I don’t have any pictures. You are welcome to send anything to me to put out there for the world to know I’m not scared to tell or show the world the truth.

  16. MBavero says:

    All I would like to contribute is there is no one can convince me that we are alone in this universe. My question however is what do these beings want and should we be scared? ? All the stories I have read and videos I have viewed is quite alarming. I have always had an open mind, but alien visitors is almost too much to take in. How do you prepare for an encounter? I don’t have any trust with our government regarding the alien agendas and it seems the whistle blowers disappear. That is alarming. We the People have the right to know the truth at any cost.


  17. C.M. says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I am a 62 year old disabled veteran. Two years ago I made a discovery I think probably is one of the most important discoveries ever made. But the story is so far out that as soon as you tell someone what you’ve found their minds completely close up. I have been to three different colleges and two museums. I have sent out hundreds of emails. I have had not one response to any of the emails. A lot of people have seen what I have seen and some of those have been put away. The difference between me and them is I have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I won’t get into detail because if I don’t I just might get a response hopefully anyway. I thought about going to a couple of goverment agencies, but friends said they would probably take it away and put me away. I have over 350,000 pictures and thousands of pages of hard evidence to prove my case. I need help because the weight of this is crushing my very existence. What I would like to do is send you material through the mail. I think that what you will see will blow your mind as much as its done mine. I will enclose a SD card to explain my story. Only one word can describe what I have found and that I a “miracle.” Please do not be let down. Oh yea, I have over 50 photos of some kind of flying saucers. I think I saw a physical address. Sometimes I feel like my life is in danger because I know way to much, but it’s all true happening as I type this. If you can help or know someone that can, I will put their name next to mine because believe you and me will be part of history and that is on my father’s and brother’s graves.

    • jaycee says:

      I would like to get together with you. I am sure you have evidence to back up what you say. I myself have had encounters myself. I know how you feel no one wants to listen. It gets frustrating and you want to tell somebody, but you don’t know who. I just thought that I would drop you a reply so feel free to send me a email.

    • Jimmy says:

      I would love to see some of these pictures, Sir.

    • Nicolette T. says:

      That’s amazing! I absolutely believe there are other living existence beyond our earth. I have seen unexplained things in the sky myself in Rhode Island. The universe is way too big to not have other life on other planets! I’m so interested in the evidence you have I would love to see.

    • John Hull says:

      C.M, let me start by saying, I am horribly challenged by technology (computers). Also I’d like to say i believe you even without seeing your evidence, which I would absolutely love to see! I live right on the lakeshore, and the past few months I’ve seen more UFO activity over the lake in my area then I’m even comfortable with! It’s been almost every night if not every other! I too have numerous pictures and videos, including a UFO submerging itself into the lake. However unfortunately I don’t know how to download my pictures to my computer. I am working on purchasing better night vision equipment. I hope to hear from you, and possibly get together to trade viewing each other’s evidence and or possibly you would like to check out my hotspot and get some new pictures for your collection!

  18. marion says:

    I believe we should leave outer space alone. All this didn’t start until we started going to outer space.

    • marion says:

      I belive this is all true. It is real scary, but if this is how we are going to die let it be. We are going to suffer very bad.

      • Alan Salazar says:

        I as well have had several sightings, but I never have a recording device at hand or when I tried to use my phone the object is gone. Yet I believe we are not the only ones in the universe or should I say our universe in the sense of all the other Intelligent life living in the universe and yes the government always covers up any sighting giving any ridiculous explanation. Yet people are not dumb, but only afraid to question and pressure the government for disclosure. There is a UFO reporter that is in Mexico. He travels worldwide. If you like, continue to contact me. The truth is out there. Let’s believe and see.

    • Tanya Garza-Binder says:

      This started long before we went into space. There have been cases going back to biblical times. If they were going to hurt us I think they have had more than ample opportunity. If anything is going to be the death of us it is going to be us.

    • Dave says:

      Actually it started way before we started going into outer space.

    • Debra Van Ausdale says:

      Strange lights have been sighted for millennia. So far, no explanation, and I have seen them at night.

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