Report UFO by Phone Guidelines

Phone Report Form Call: 406-422-0530

Note: All phone calls are recorded.


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3 Responses to Report UFO by Phone Guidelines

  1. Billy P. says:

    To add further to my previous message, these lights that we saw, there was absolutely no noise all was the same color. The last light actually did a U turn on itself. The time of sighting was approximately 10 PM British time.

  2. Billy P. says:

    Hi my name is Billy Proctor. I live in Southwestern England on the coast in a village called East Prawle. At approximately 10 PM I was out with my mother walking our dog and we both saw 36, yes 36 lights going through the sky. All but 1 were travelling in the same direction, at the same speed and all perfectly spaced apart. This is not a meteorite or plane. We can not explain this.

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