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7 Responses to Report UFO(Cell Text)

  1. Sammy says:

    On April-5-2020 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I went out my back step for a smoke when something caught my eye. I looked up and saw what looked like a jet leaving it’s trail behind when it suddenly turned into a bright light that was leaving some kind of gas cloud behind it. As this light was separating from the gas cloud it released this light was so bright I ran fast as I could upstairs to my girl friend and yelled look out the window. Don’t miss it this time as I saw something similar in a flight heading into northern Manitoba so she got up and looked out the window. She saw the whole show and I was recording as my phone was upstairs too so I watched this bright light moving north as the gas cloud it made came closer to me it actually ended up going over my house. I wasn’t sure what to think. Should I panic LOL. The funny thing about this whole thing is I could not record the bright light at all. It was right in front of me, but still when I looked at my phone there was nothing and this light was bright as the sun. I could barely make it out it was so bright. I sat at this page thinking should I report this as the first time I saw something I did not. So by waiting I saw that a few other people had witnessed something similar as well there was a few people close to Winnipeg that had the same experience. They as well could not record this bright lite in the sky. It was about 1,000 to 1,500 feet off the ground.

  2. John Doe says:

    For people being abducted, has anyone pondered putting an ankle bracelet on them to try and record when a person is taken and returned?

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, some of us have advocated collecting environmental data like monitoring (collecting magnetic field data) and videos (motion detection). Mounting an ankle bracelet is another piece of data. One of my abductee friends will be collecting magnetic flux data and is currently collecting videos.

  3. Alexis Johnson says:

    My boyfriend and I were at Mountain Music Fest in Minden, WV on 6/4/17 while watching Umpherys perform. I saw 1 super bright light hovering over the horizon, then kept watching it for a good 30 minutes. It swayed back and forth and went in all directions. At first my boyfriend said it was just a drone. But after 5 minutes it had moved far away from it’s original location. I pointed it out to him and he was surprised. He then said he didn’t think it was a drone, but really wasn’t sure what it could be. Once dawn approached, it went way back up in the sky and looked like a normal star again.

    I have seen this object a few times in my whole life, but thought maybe it was my imagination. But since I have seen this thing more than once now, I know Iam not just imagining things.

  4. Riley Zwicker says:

    It was a very fast flickering as if it was a ball of light flashing consistently for about 14 seconds long. Then it just disappeared all of the sudden into thin air. Please contact me if you have seen anything like this in that area. We saw it when we were heading west on state street out in the country of Salem Oregon.

  5. Mr. Howerton says:

    There was a UFO on several occasions all through my life and when I was 3, I was visited by an alien grey. It touched my head and told me to go back to sleep and I awoke the next day and was changed from mentally disabled to autistic and with an implant that allowed me to dream the possible future, and correctly did so at my high school in Roxboro in front of at least 40 students and said I believed the dark force would hit Ivy And James. High school buddies that use to pick on me when I told things that went true to my predictions and I was a student council and talked with several students. It made me feel good to help others and still does. After the abductions slowed down so did my moving to get away from the nightmares. The nightmares were actually real life instances that weren’t just in my dreams. They were coming true and I was starting to be less and less scared of them and more mean to them and my friends until the day that I stopped and realized that they were taking the energy out of the implants in me and sending it to the evil one which will awake Gog and Megog. (Evil dragons that were put to sleep by God Eons ago.) For this and other things I stayed up every night for over 30 years to try and understand what this heightened intelligence was and how I could use it to cure and heal others. And I always disregarded my personal feelings and could separate that from my personal feelings, or impath. I still can feel the evil and hate and animosity of others and was deemed a witch and left town, but that’s another story. Thank you and God bless you and may Jesus save you.

    • jeanine perez says:

      My family and I saw a UFO when I was little and it was the most amazing experience ever. It was friendly and I didn’t see any aliens, but it was an awesome experience and it was up close. I could have touched it, but Mom pulled me back because she didn’t want me to have radiation and it had rectangular lights going around a circle. We pounded on our next door neighbor’s window and we saw him, but he didn’t hear us pounding. Mom ran across the street and pounded on another window, but she didn’t hear us either. Then we just kept looking at it and then all of a sudden it lifted up and then Ron, my brother and dad walk down the sidewalk and it stayed up in the sky parallel to them until the end of the sidewalk. Then it kind of slowed down a little bit, seemed it went back to them like it said goodbye and whooshed up like a rocket. Ever since that experience I have prayed wishing I can contact them again so I can say hi and hope that they’re doing good because they didn’t cause any harm to us except gave us peace. Man I wish I could see them again. I have tried many years to talk to somebody about my experience and wondering if there’s someone out there that can help me get contact with them again, but I’ve always hit a dead end. Some year my wish will come true. At least I hope so.

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