Retired Policeman Sees Cylindrical UFO in Desert.

Location of Sighting: In Desert About 5 Miles SE of Wickenburg, AZ
Date of Sighting: April 9, 2015
Time of Sighting: 9:20 AM MST



Listen to Recording of Witness Report (YouTube):

Description: The witness (retired police officer from Phoenix) and another person were hunting for gold in the desert about 5 miles Southeast of Wickenburg, AZ. The witness looked up and saw a rectangular object suspended from bright light (about the same size) to the Southeast of his position at an estimated distance of 1/2 mile. The witness state that the rectangular object looked like targets that they used to drag behind aircraft in WWII. The witness yelled to his partner (who did not hear him nor saw the object) and the object suddenly streaked upward about 2 miles and vanished. Then the object reappeared and slowly descended to the same area. This time the witness only saw the top of the object which appeared as a “concave” cylinder. Then a ball came out the side of the object. The cylinder was about the size of a fuselage of a 767 Jet. The object then ascended rapidly and streaked away to the West. The total time of the sightings was just under a minute. The witness was a helicopter pilot for the Phoenix Police Department so he is very familiar with aircraft.

Note: The witness sent a sketch as promised. The sketch (see above) certainly reveals an unusual object.

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