Rotating Lights Seen In NW Sky on Cloudy Night.

Location of Sighting: Alexander City, Alabama
Date of Sighting: May 22, 2021
Time of Sighting: 10:45 PM CDT

Description: My sighting was to the northwest in Alexander City, AL. In the northwest skies I saw rotating lights at a long distance. One light was 10 fold brighter than the others. From judging the distance this gathering of lights was huge. The number of lights were in the dozens, but all I can is that the lights had no body mass and skies were cloudy. My sighting was on the night of 5/22/2021 at 10:45 PM.

Note: The description could fit star-link satellites, but given that the witness said that skies were cloudy that would cast some doubt on this explanation.

Update – May 25, 2021: The witness provided the following response to what he saw: It seemed still. I thought it was a star or planet, but it was so much brighter and bigger than the other stars around, but the next day after looking at the photos, this is what I had.

The streaking in the photos was likely due to camera movement. The witness likely photographed a celestial object (bright star). There were no bright planets visible at the time of the sighting.

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