Rotating Red Lights Moves Toward Huge Pulsating Red Light. Once & Rotates.

Location of Sighting: Solon, Maine
Date of Sighting: February 29 and March 1, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4:45 AM EST

I reside in a small remote town in Central Maine, Solon… population 1,000 Residents..

The closest I can relate to what I have been experiencing mirrors an incident that occured in Starks Maine [ approx. 20 miles from me ] back in 1981 titled UFO over Starks Maine where various individuals were chased by a UFO and an acquaintance of mine lost her life that evening. This report can be read at the following link:

When her body was found in the morning her sunglasses were by her with bodily fluids on them.The stretch of road was familiar to her. With the recent sightings and this craft chasing individuals that same evening it was assumed that this is what also took her life.

This year on Feb. 29 and March 1st of 2020 my feelings changed. While working on my Computer, I have a view of 3 well known mountain ranges here in Maine that stretch out in front on me approximately for 50 miles with a Western View. A huge red pulsating light appeared all at once approximately at 20 degrees and was pulsating intensely, like one would view a light on an ambulance.all at once this other object appears with what one would describe that dropped out of a time dimension or flew out of a portal.It is red also and begins to rotate like a ferris wheel towards the pulsating red light that was just hoovering.It never changed its altitude, just rotated to the left like a wheel meet the pulsating red

When they appeared joined,, the pulsating stopped and they proceeded out to the west put never changed their altitude. It now visually appeared as one craft [ Red ].This was only a few miles{ maybe two } away from my viewing.

While not being able to sleep, I took my dog out at approximately 4:45 AM that morning 3/1/20. Coming over, just above the treetops was a big black triangular craft with one or more red flashing lights under it. The lights were so intense I remember taking my hand and rubbing my forehead to shelter my eyes. As it was appearing to fly over me, I ran uphill with my dog towards my home in fear it would shine a beam of light down on us. It traveled by, with no sound whatsoever.

A couple days later while in Walmart, I was shopping for the COVID arrival and was telling a young man who lives in my town what I saw. Standing there, a few feet away with his back against me, was a young man. He turned around and stated , ” I saw that UFO in Solon and have a video of it. I am not sure if I saw it the same night as you , but my phone is in the truck.

He was the son of the women who got killed in 1981. He was only then about one year old.
Imagine that?

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    To Mr. Puckett and the witness of Solon, Maine: Thank you for this U.A.P. report. It bears all of the earmarks of a lot of the reports of a night sighting, and yet it has an element about it that is eclectic and singular, involving times, events, and people that are more than indescribable. Some people would say that all of this is a lot of happen-stance and/or coincidence, and who knows but the Lord above it all. But again, thank you for this report!

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