Round Bright Object Found in Photo of Sun.

Location of Sighting: Fort Worth, Texas
Date of Sighting: May 25, 2022
Time of Sighting: 9:04 AM CDT


Description: I took this picture (attached) at the beautiful sky without smog. Enlarge the picture toward the Sun. What is that?

Witness Comment: I don’t think it’s a lens flare because of the trail of the thing.

Note: The bright spot to the left of the Sun is likely a lens flare and not a real object.

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2 Responses to Round Bright Object Found in Photo of Sun.

  1. Finn Johnson says:

    Camera anomaly or not, there’s a lot more going on in this photo than just the light. When’s the last time you’ve seen clouds where the darker parts have freckles or dots. Why are the McDonald’s arches seemingly being duplicated in the cloud behind it when it can’t be a shadow? Oh and what about the whispy worm like cloud lines around the sun?

    • Finn Johnson says:

      Sorry, I just noticed that the sun seems to have a rectangular object that seems to be blasting off making the sun oblique in apearance. Also, coming out under the word “SUN” in the photo is a long dark twisty object or orb ehaust line. Like I was saying there is a lot going on in this photo. Clouds are much further away than people think. Most things that could be hiding in the clouds are so far away and small its impossible to see them with the naked eye at all even if the cloud wasn’t there. The ones we do see may seem like normal size when actually they could easily be the size of a small town. Clouds are the heaviest thing in the world. They hold enough water to destroy several towns at once. We have no idea whats in them. How could we when we can’t see through them unless we had government radar. As a sky diver I know that it’s against the rules to jump through clouds and for the jump plane to fly within 3 miles of the clouds.

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