Round Glass Bubble With Bright Light in Middle.

Location of Sighting: Prineville, Oregon
Date of Sighting: November 5, 2016
Time of Sighting: 3:30 PM EST

Description: Looking south on SE David Way Road my daughter and I saw a large round shape floating above a house. It looked like a round glass bubble with bright light in the center. It looked it was almost the size of a house. We watched it for a few seconds trying to figure out what it was. As we got closer the object disappeared.

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3 Responses to Round Glass Bubble With Bright Light in Middle.

  1. Jim says:

    Transparent or glass like UFO’s have been seen by witnesses in the past. I too have seen them in Lake Oswego, OR in the 90’s. One I saw was stationary in the sky was a saucer shape, glass like and appeared to be lit from the inside. After several minutes of viewing it all of a sudden exploded with orange glowing particles radiating out evenly just like fireworks exploding > (It was not the same as a weather balloon exploding.) Two or three other individual objects separated and moved away from the main exploded object > then after everything cleared the main object was still there also. It was glowing and started to move away from it’s original spot in the sky. It was strange and incredible to watch.

    • Administrator says:

      Interesting. Hard to explain.

    • Karen says:

      On the night of November 20,2016 around 10:00 PM, I noticed a very shiny and round object that I thought was in a tree in front of our back patio. I came back to let my dog in and it was still there. I kept thinking how pretty it looked. I went back about a minute later and it was still there. I thought maybe it was a street lamp, but it wasn’t. I became curious so I went outside and from where I was standing it wasn’t in the tree and now above my two story apartment. And I noticed there were other objects scattered around it, but smaller. They were on the bottom in front of this one cloud that was very dark brown with a red tint. I was a very weird cloud as it didn’t look similar to other clouds in the sky. This one looked very dense and was lower than other clouds. I kept referencing these gold objects with a star I could see and it seemed like these objects were much closer and looked like they were in front at the bottom of this cloud that didn’t look much higher than the roof of the apartment. I kept watching and referencing around the sky and something felt different about tonight and what I was looking at. It was a little windy also. As time went by they started to disappear one by one and two medium sized ones were left. As I was looking at one, it suddenly shot straight up and went so fast it had a little tail as it left. The last one slowly disappeared. I came back out later and that dense cloud had dissipated and the gold objects were gone. The wind had completely stopped, as well. I didn’t even think to take a video or picture! I hadn’t seen anything strange in the sky since I was ten years old and stargazing with my father. I felt a little unsettled after this. I felt not so much excitement as there was fear perhaps because that low cloud looked scary.

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