Round Glowing Sphere Octagon Pattern Within.

Location of Sighting: Lake Livingston, Texas
Date of Sighting: Mid 1980’s
Time of Sighting: Evening

Description: A friend from school, me and his two parents where riding around on the lake at night when I noticed several other people on boats looking with binoculars into the night sky.  After closer inspection I noticed what they all were looking at. It was a small round glowing sphere, not shining like a light, but glowing. From my location it was in the middle of the lake about a size of a penny in the night sky. After showing my friends and parents we decided to rush back to the lake house and get our own binoculars. Once back at the house I could see that inside the sphere it had an octagon pattern to it. It very slowly changed from white, yellow, orange, red. My friends parents called the police to report the sighting while my friend started to cry. After consoling my friend for a few seconds I looked back out the window of our house and the sphere vanished!  This happened in the mid 1980’s and I have now lost contact with that childhood friend. But I have never forgotten the details of the sphere and what happened. It has always filled me with curiosity and wonder. Please let me know if you have any more information on sighting in the area.

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  1. Darrell says:

    Actually around 1988, I saw something similar in the night sky. I lived in Indian Springs, Nevada at the time. When I told people about it, they wanted to know what drug I was on. I could never convince them I was straight at the time.

    But I can still remember it clearly. It sounded like a gigantic fan being turned on. Then it shot off. I would have thought it was something like “Blue Thunder” except seen it hovering an hour later in the night sky.

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