Round White Flickering Lights Appear Across Sky & Change Colors.

Location of Sighting: Como, Colorado
Date of Sighting: September 22, 2013
Time of Sighting: 9 PM MDT

Witness Posted the Above Video on YouTube.

Description: This happened on Indian Mountain in Como, Colorado, Address unknown. Round flickering lights started appearing across the sky. They appeared to be white at first, but then when I zoomed in they started changing color from blue, red, purple, and green. I couldn’t tell how big they were because they were too far away. They would move slowly up and down and sideways. A couple of them lowered behind a mountain and then raised back up a few moments later. At the very beginning of the video clip as the lights started appearing it looks like a flare is burning, but it also looks like all of the lights that appear are attached to an object because they stay the distance from each other. I am attaching the Youtube video here because I don’t have the actual video file with me so I can’t attach it below. (The date is approximate. This happened just a few days before I posted it on Youtube so I am guessing on the actual date.)

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