Scientists Discover “Electronic Bacteria” – Aliens?

Cover Page for Feb. 2015 Popular Science Issue.

Cover Page for Feb. 2015 Popular Science Issue.

Source: February, 2015 Issue of Popular Science Magazine
Article – Have We Found Alien Life?

Scientists may have found microbes that eat and breath electricity. This has forced scientists to reimagine how life works on this planet and others. Scientist Kenneth Nealson discovered that Shewanella oneidensis can deposit electrons directly on minerals – “breathing” a solid substance – via tiny chemical wires.

Nealson realized the microbial landscape of the Earth might be different than anyone had thought. He also realized he had only begun to explore what electric bacteria are capable of.

These microbes are alien not just in what they do, but in how they do it. Their Earth seems to be a world built on cooperation, a far cry from the more familiar one cutthroat competition in “Darwinian Evolution.”

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