September 11, 2013 – Itta Bena, Mississippi – 10 PM CDT

Description: Around 10 PM my brother and I were looking at the damage caused by wild hogs. As we were heading home, my brother started screaming to stop and was saying what is that in the sky? We stopped and looked and it was a figure very clear moving upwards with the body turned as if climbing. It had a very distinct outline, but with a greenish haze or fog surrounding.I videoed it, but as I pushed the button two objects light up the sky and I pushed camera the objects light up the field and were moving from ground up following the figure we saw. All phones went dead at that time.

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  1. Karen King says:

    I live in Bude, MS, a small town in the southwest corner of the state. I have observed on three different occasions white cylinder shaped objects with a black middle flying low and rotating like a football when thrown. The objects seem to just come out of nowhere and after they pass over seem to just vanish.

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