September 12, 2011 – Seaford, Delaware – 7:30 PM EDT

"Face in Cloud" as Seen & Sketched by Witness. Still Image of "Threatening Light" Extracted From Video.

Description: The witness called and reported her experience on February 28, 2012. She said that storm clouds were brewing and she saw a clear “humanoid” face in the sky. She said that the face was a man’s face and was a “long face.” She went to get her video camera. At that point she couldn’t see the face anymore, but when operating the video camera she said that a red light appeared and “rushed at her.” She became frightened and quit videotaping. She was home alone at the time.

Note: The witness made a sketch of the face. (See above.) After seening the face she grabbed her video camera. She took a very short clip and saw a light that was approaching her. She instantly became frightend and quit video taping. The video was quite short so only a still image is posted. (See above.) A check of weather conditions for Seaford, Delaware for September 12, 2011 showed that skies were clear. This conflicts with the witness’s report.

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  1. MM says:

    I don’t think that I really expressed myself–on that day in Sept. It became cloudly without a storm or rain. When I saw this “humanoid” in the sky with a long egg shape head, flat forehead and whiskers and lightning was coming through the top of it’s egg head, but there was no thundering noise. It was like electricity with fireworks coming from the cloud in a certain spot through the head. The lightning was not a long line it was just throught the long egg horn head. I wish I could have gotten the picture on the camera of the man’s face. When I finally decided to take a picture not knowing it got dark. There was this small red, orange, yellowish small ball as if going in circles coming at me and it got bigger, and bigger. It filled the camera lens. I never been so frightened in my life. I do not know where it went because I left the window in a hurry. I wish that I had it on a picture instead of video. Thank you for posting a still image of the video. It is nice to know someone other than me experiences strange things. Thank you again for caring.

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