September 12, 2014 – Palo Alto, California – 5:55 AM PDT

Description: I saw something that gave off a weird beam of light and zigzagged with the beam of light tailing behind it. Almost looked like a missile in flight or a helicopter flying backwards. Then it stopped and hovered for at least 20 seconds. Then it turned north-northwest and vanished leaving behind a smoky bluish cloud.

Note: The object has some characteristics of a rocket. However, the apparent hovering would rule out a missile or rocket. An article on Fox News on Sep 14 said that several meteor sightings were noted over California and Oregon on Sep 12, 2014. It is amazing how witnesses can see the same thing and ascribe much different characteristics.

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  1. Joel W. Small says:

    My thanks to the witness who gave this report! There are meteors that are seen over the Oakland/San Fransisco Bay area if only one looks up and around for just a couple of minutes. BUT, sometimes one can view some whimsical, sometimes odd, and sometimes some things that border on downright shocking, even frightening things that are not any kin to those rocks from above!

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