September 12, 2014 – Valencia, California – 6 AM PDT

Description: At approximately 6 AM on 9/12/14 I saw in the western sky, a very bright ‘object’, resembling an ‘angel’. It was extremely bright white, vertical, and stationary, with a wide swath of a mist below, triangular, like when making a ‘snow angel’. I walked toward it, and stared in amazement. The ‘mist’ slowly moved upward to encompass the ‘figure’, which reminded me of an angel. It was vertical, stationary, and I watched it as it slowly dissolved and the circular mist went away also. At arm’s length the ‘figure’ was maybe an inch. It was vertical with something on each side, like downward wings, which is what made me think ‘angel.’ I watched it until it got smaller and smaller, and then the mist went away too. I felt very blessed to see this amazing heavenly sight. What was SO amazing was this sighting was in the SAME place and time (6:10 AM in Oct) when I saw a bright white sphere, that eventually came ‘down!’

Note: A check of weather conditions shows that skies were clear at the time of the sighting.

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