September 10, 2013 – Felton, California – 9 PM PDT

Description: I first noticeed a TON of green, sparkling lights in the trees across the street from me (Highway 9, Felton CA) in September. I thought maybe they were Christmas lights someone had strewn in the redwoods. They were flitting, were not twinkling and were not in a specific pattern like some holiday lights are. I walked across the highway and climbed the terrace, and I could immediately tell that they were NOT like any lights I had ever seen. They would fade off then get super bright and then fade again. They were random. They were at the skyline, and there is NO way anyone could have hung them without a giant boom. They were very bright and some came in pairs. I chalked it up to working with cannabinoids in butter and commented on Facebook. The next night, the lights were in a few other trees adjacent to the original tree. I still had no clue. I researched some options like laser light show projectors (nothing fit the patterns of any I could find online). Someone said it may be raccoons, and while some were in pairs, most were not. I found no logical explanation online. I searched for them after that, but they were gone. Then, I told my neighbor about them. That night, we gathered in the drive way at about 9 pm, and there they were. Everyone was scratching their heads. Then about 2 hours later, my friend called me from inside to look at something new. The lights were now in the trees in the property next to us. About 8 men, who had been working on the lot, witnessed it and said in all their years in the mountains, they had never seen anything like it either. Then we looked to the back of the property (along the San Lorenzo River) and there were a ton there too. I made my way down to the river with a few others and marveled at how close they were. Someone suggested Foxfire, but it wasn’t like that. Plus, it was in several different types of trees. I got super close, but the closer I got, I couldn’t see them. I came back up and noticed a bunch in my garden at about 4 feet away from us. My daughter-in-law, who is a photographer, began snapping pictures and they disappeared. They do not come out every night. If they do, it is by 9 PM and they are gone by 1 AM. The are a very neon, bright green. They appear in branches and on the trunk. Some are in pairs and are round and brighter than the others. There has to be some scientific explanation for this, but I don’t know. I have searched the Santa Cruz mountains and can only find them in “our trees”. Across the street, to the left, and behind the property. They are in a formation like a “C”. I would love to know what they are!

Witness Response to Questions. I did not take the photo. The witness did not respond to the question of who took the photo. I suspect that the photo was taken by a Tower-Cam.

Note: I don’t know what the witnesses are seeing. Perhaps it could be the aurora borealis, but I am not sure if it visible at the low latitude where the witnesses saw the lights?

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