September 13, 2014 – Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – 8 PM EDT



Note: The sketch was made in a comment below from West Allentown, PA. The sketch was copied and inserted above to show the original witness sketch which became distorted in the comment.

Center map

Description: This report is related to a sighting on September 13th at around 8 PM EDT in Chambersburg, PA.

I witnessed four bright red lights over the Chambersburg area, moving east to west. Three of them were in a tight triangle formation with one trailing further behind. These objects moved unlike any aircraft that would fly in that tight of a formation. After three or so minutes they just vanished into thin air and shortly after something fell from the sky. I could not make out what it was or determine where it landed. I could not get a video or photo of this event. I did not react quick enough.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I just saw my diagram failed by the way this website formats it. Sorry. Haha

    – Pat

  2. Patrick says:


    I was driving in West Allentown, PA not far from my home on Saturday, September 13th. As my girlfriend and I were driving she pointed to a huge set of white lights that were almost hovering or moving slowly (I was driving so maybe because I was also moving) over a neighborhood.

    There were seven lights, maybe nine, in an arrowhead type triangle formation, basically no flat third side of the triangle shape, as it went inward. I drew an interpretation of what I saw and can show you the drawing of light setups. Anyway, they were all bright white lights, and as we tried to find a place to pull over, the lights dimmed to about 25% of what they were. It blinked red once or twice before I stopped getting a clear view from trees and houses. After about 30 seconds we pulled over and it was completely gone. I looked towards the local airport direction and saw nothing in the sky and I could see the stars, moon, and very clear. It would be weird to have not seen it still if it was not an airplane. Also this formation of lights or underneath of something, was about 400 feet above us if I had to guess. Maybe even less.

    The time was 10:35 PM in Macungie/Wescosville area outside of Allentown, PA. Time stamp of 10:36 PM calling my friend, so well say we saw it at 10:34-10:35 PM

    Will post this story on the website.

    Attached is a picture of what I thought the light formation looked like. This is the best characterized way I can describe the formation.

    O o O
    O 0 O

    The two little circles are smaller to represent that they were higher up, not making a full triangle.

    Anything like what you saw?

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