September 13, 2014 – Port Townsend, Washington – 8:15 PM PDT

Description: I saw a turquoise bright light orb streaking just above tree tops outside of the Fort Warden front gate at the stop sign on Redwood. The orb was traveling northwest. It was silent. It was not a helicopter or plane. It was going downward toward the Chinese gardens.

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  1. J Eastwood says:

    I saw it. I was driving up the hill from the Pt. Wilson Beach, turned right onto Officer Row inside the park, and it flew right over me at about 200 feet. I looked straight up and could see a perfect circle outline of the body of the vessel. It was maybe 50 feet in diameter. It pushed a blue white weave of some kind of energy/light ahead of it and trailed the same energy/light behind. It had a hard body shaped in a sphere. It was sort of translucent to look “into.” It traveled at about 75 knots, flying, not crashing or falling. It was completely silent. I am ordering a tin hat today as at age 61 this is my first close encounter. My wife also saw it and she was just West in her car over by the west side of Fort Warden.

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