September 15, 2010 – Beijing, China – 9 PM Local Time

Description: My 3rd sighting was here in Beijing in 2010. I believe this could very well be a scram jet aircraft, but I’ll leave that up to you to judge. I was outside in the evening talking with my neighbor. He suddenly waves his arms and points up very excitedly. Above us was a moderately bright light (perhaps like a dim star, but close ), BELOW the cloud cover on a cloudy night. The clouds were not storm clouds so they were not dark. This light moved across the entire visible sky in 5 seconds. It seemed to wobble very slightly, but that could easily have been caused by cloud cover or moisture. I did not notice if it left the typical concentric smoke ring trail common to a scram-jet or pulse detonation engine. I have told this to and written to many people and magazines and no one has ever replied. I stumbled on your form this evening so I thought it best to try and tell someone who may care.

Note: The witness has a strong professional background. He has made some good deductions on the possible explanations for his sighting.

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