September 18, 2013 – Silverdale, Washington – 9 PM PDT

Watch Slideshow of Photos Taken of Lights (YouTube):



Description: My husband and I were just outside to look at the almost full Moon, when yet again we noticed bright lights, very orange brilliant light. At first there were 3. Two were closer together and the third one was a few miles to the south. I watched the two whilst my husband went to get my camera – a 4th one appeared just under the two I was watching as the other light a few miles to the south dimmed out. 2 others dimmed out until I was just watching the 1 light, it was stationary – my husband gave me my camera and I started filming. As I was filming the light in the South appeared again very brilliantly – I filmed this one too. We stood there just watching the light. There were planes going by in the distance moving fast with blinking lights – we see these every night. The difference with these other lights is that they shine so very, very bright, sometimes they dim or just blink out completely. So far this year we have seen them 4 times now, all different nights, and with several witnesses. I have sent most of our sightings to the National UFO reporting Center. – I have a youtube link also that I can email over with stills taken from last night.

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  1. Barbara G. says:

    These are so common now that everyone has a way to film them, but still nothing is known about them. I still believe they are all a natural phenomenon, electrical in nature.
    That is what the zoomed in photos look like. We are far from knowing everything about this planet. New discoveries are made every day and someday these will be explained as well.

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