September, 2009 – Greenwich, Connecticut – 12 AM EDT

[map z=”5″ address=”Greewich, Connecticut” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: It was about midnight. I let my dog out to go potty for the last time that night. It was quiet and clear. I was leaning on the door frame looking up. I was looking at this object in the sky. It was a second or two before I realized that it wasn’t normal. I cocked my head and out loud said: “huh”. The moment I did that, it pulled back and shot off. It seemed to be just above the tree line. From where I was standing it was the size of a tire from a mack truck. I honestly think that it (they) were aware that I took notice. It was a white orb. It was moving in place so fast that it had a pulsating behavior. It pulled back slightly to the west and shot off to the east. I live a block from Long Island Sound. I don’t know if that matters. It made no sound at all. The closest street light is in the front of my house. You can’t see it from the back yard because the house is built into a rock ledge. It was NOT a reflection. It’s been a few years. I just can’t let it go. I have been thinking, why? It’s because it was aware of me at the same time I was questioning what I was seeing. I hate that I am going here, but it was telepathy. I am sure of it.

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