September, 2011 (& Earlier Dates) – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida – 11:30 PM EDT

Photo of Tylenol Capsules That Depicted The 2 Cigar Shaped Objects (Sep, 2011).

Photo of Tylenol Capsules That Depicted The 2 Cigar Shaped Objects (Sep, 2011).

Photo of Raccoon That Got Into Sealed Garbage Can.

Photo of Raccoon That Got Into Sealed Garbage Can.

Description: Bradford Evans investigated these multiple cases. His report follows:
Date of Sightings: Gulf Breeze, Late July 1995 and 1997
Santa Rosa Beach, September 2011
Time of Sighting: Gulf Breeze, 11:30 PM
Santa Rosa Beach, 10 AM
Location of Sighting: Gulf Breeze & Santa Rosa Beach Florida

First Sighting: Gulf Breeze, Late July 1995: A married couple visited Gulf Breeze Florida in the wake of the Ed Walters case. While on the pier, they saw an object that suddenly appeared in the eastern sky, heading west. The object had a green light on the bottom and a red light on top. The red light pulsed in a two-stroke beat like a heart. They estimated the object to be eighty yards away and about four inches high with the arm held at arms length. The object accelerated from 10-15 mph up to 45 mph. The couple had brought along a Minolta camera and a telephoto lens with the intention of taking photographs of UFOs. However, they failed to use the camera, which was very puzzling to them subsequently. Also, as the UFO passed overhead, all the night sounds seemed to vanish, starting up again after the UFO left the vicinity. The witnesses reported that there were two sisters on the shoreline nearby with whom they spoke. Apparently, these woman did not see the UFO.

Second Sighting, Gulf Breeze, 1997: The couple was again visiting Gulf Breeze. They saw a white light that appeared out of nowhere that was moving very fast and was chased by two F-15s. The witnesses could not recall much about the object that they saw, and they again did not take any photos.

Third Sighting, Santa Rosa Beach, September 2011: The female witness was riding her bike near her Santa Rosa Beach home in September 2011 when she saw two white, capsule-shaped craft heading south on the other side of some pine trees. She could clearly see them through the pine trees and she estimated that they were 50 to 75 feet long. She surmised that the wingless craft were cargo vehicles due to the absence of windows. The craft did not produce any sound.

Strange Animal Event, Santa Rosa Beach, September 2011: The couple keep their garbage in a Rubbermaid “Brute” garbage can, which apparently requires two hands to open. Because of the presence of animals in the area, they have contained the garbage can within a wood enclosure. The male witness opened the lid of the garbage can in the morning around 10 AM, and he found a raccoon inside. The raccoon had chewed through the plastic garbage bag, but left the food inside completely alone. The couple could not understand how the raccoon could have entered the gated enclosure, open the lid of the garbage can, then sealed the lid behind it. Since the garbage can was right outside their bathroom window, they believe that they would have heard some commotion if someone had placed the raccoon there intentionally as a prank.

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  1. S.W. says:

    My husband and I took our camcorder down to the Choctawachee Bay to shoot the moon to see if anything unusual would occur as we have had several experiences around our house which is posted above. Immediately upon sitting and turning on the camcorder and filming the full moon the night of Jan. 27th, an emerald colored light flew into view and we were able to get about 20 seconds of unbelievable footage of the orb flying around, obviously lit by the moon and invisible to the naked eye! It seemed to disappear or just wasn’t visible when it wasn’t lit by the moon. It was totally amazing as to how it seemed to be self sufficient and be able to move at such a high rate of speed and in any and all directions. We certainly had never seen or photographed a moving orb before, but have much footage of still pictures around our home that are amazing. (I tried to send this info via email, but was unable to find send on form). If Mr. Evans receives this, please email us and we will send the video of the orb along with some of the many other orbs around our home. Thanks.

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