September, 2011 – Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK – 10:30 PM Local Time

Description: I had just finished work which is located on St. Albans Road, A5183, near the roundabout of Redbourn and Hemel Hempstead. I was riding my motorcycle west towards where I lived. The road was currently under repairs on the B487 route, which must of started after I left for work earlier that day. I was re-directed to a new route to get home. I proceeded east back on the B487 road towards the A5183 and south towards the A4147 heading east again down that road “about” half way something caught my left eye. It was silvery, large, disc shaped, had red and white lights on top, on the side and on the bottom of it, with a green light flying around the object. It is a country road and therefore has bushes and trees all around on the left and right side for miles in both directions. However, there was a car in front of me and also one car behind me. All 3 of our vehicles, at the same time, slowed down and came to a full stop. The space between our vehicles was roughly the size of 5 average car lengths. As soon as I stopped I got off my motorcycle, removed my helmet, jumped through the bush onto the field, due to major curiosity, I remember thinking instantly that this is a UFO, from the time I got off my motorcycle which took about 3 seconds as I left the bike on I just put it on it’s stand, to jumping the bush. The Very visible object had instantly vanished as quickly as I got off my motorcycle.

I made my way back to my vehicle, none of the other drivers said anything to each other including myself. We were all just “gob smacked.” We were all silent. I remember we all looked towards each other back and forth as if to say “What the **** was that?” After about 30 seconds the driver in front of me got back into his vehicle and continued on his journey. The vehicle behind me continued on his journey also after about another 30 seconds. I couldn’t just ride away, I stayed there, lit up a cigarette, got my mobile phone out with the camera at the ready just in case I saw something again. I entered the field once more, and stayed there as long as it took to smoke my cigarette, which was roughly 3-5 minutes. I heard nothing, I saw nothing, I myself then continued on my journey back home.

After telling my mate the next day,he believed me and said he has had his own sighting of UFO’s (literally being unidentified flying objects), we spoke about it for a while and then left it alone as we knew without any hard evidence, it would be near impossible to make it seem legit and that was the end of that.

With all of the hoax’s in the world, extremists, and genuine legit sightings, nobody can be sure who is telling the truth, I would of said “apparent genuine legit sightings” but there’s no need because I know what I saw, and I can only imagine those other 2 drivers that night knew it too, there ARE real sightings, use your own judgement and experience, if any..

I could probably drive back and find the exact spot I saw it as well but really..what’s the point.

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