September, 2012 – Rogers, Arkansas – 9 PM CDT

Description: Since moving to the NW Arkansas region in 2012, I have been witness to three separate sightings. The best experience was mid-September 2012. My teenage son and I were driving home around nine PM when we both noticed a black triangular object hovering above the highway. It was absolutely silent and had a diamond pattern of yellowish white lights on the underside. The craft hovered just above the treetops making it no more than 150 to 200 feet. above us. My truck was coasting at this point so I pulled off to the side. I quickly threw it in park and unlatched my seatbelt, but the object had completely disappeared from sight. My son, however, leapt out before I could completely stop. He witnessed it rising instantly to another 100 feet before streaking off toward the southeast.

The other two sightings were both in 2013,  fall/ winter,  and after ten PM. The lights were seen hovering in place for a good amount of time before suddenly taking off and immediately disappearing.  There are very many  different aircraft seen in the skies around here. All have sounds, familiar lights  and fly at same speed/ altitudes. None are silent nor able to pull off the speed or maneuvers I have seen the other craft display.  Are they secret aircraft from our government?  Perhaps. Extraterrestrial?  Who knows!

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