September, 2013 – Los Angeles, California – 4:30 PM PDT

Description: Well this all happened about a year and a half ago. My sister and I were sitting on the stairs outside the second floor of our house. We were just sitting there talking about random stuff like we always do, when suddenly I looked up to the sky. I didn’t notice anything at first because I had just looked straight, but it wasn’t until I looked far into the distance that I realized a small black object floating and hovering there. When I saw that I did not think much of it at first considering that helicopters always pass by and are always visible in the area. Five, maybe eight minutes later is when I began to point this out to my sister who was still sitting with me on the stairs of outside my house. I had told her that there is something that has been floating there for about five through eight minutes now. By that point it is when I began to realize that the object is slowly moving in my direction, but it was really high in the sky when this was happening. At this point my sister says to me playing around ” I think it’s a UFO. How exiting, imagine if it is.” And it was at that point when I began to think to myself that I was living in Los Angeles, which is known for being a hotspot for UFO’s. About five minutes later from this the object was already above my house, but it was already going slightly faster than it was before, and it was obvious that it wasn’t a helicopter, plane, bag, or even a balloon of some sort. It was already more clear since it was right above us and I could already tell what it looked like. It was oval shaped and black with small lines or patterns going through it. It looked like if I were holding some sort of oval shaped quarter at arm’s length away from me, only it wasn’t an arm length away from me. It was about a hundred yards up in the sky. Shortly after when it was far away in the distance the opposite direction from where I first saw it, my sister and I were just trying to keep an eye on it so we won’t lose it, but I had to sneeze so I turned towards the street facing away from my sister, obviously, and I sneezed. Then I quickly turned back around and continued looking at the flying object that was very hard to see because it was very far away by now. Then suddenly a strange lady dressed in all black appeared out of no where in the street outside the fence screaming “Hey! Hey you kids!” And we turned around to face her, but we ignored her because we were very entertained looking at the object, and we both turned around back towards it, and it was gone. My sister went running down looking for the lady in black to see what she wanted, but she was gone, nowhere to be seen. So she came back up and we were both shocked. It was as if the lady in black had called us just so we could stop looking at the flying object.

I do believe it was a UFO I saw that afternoon flying high in the sky that day.

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  1. Herman bezuidenhout says:

    I totaly believe that man so don’t worry there is a show that says what to do when a alien has abducted you. -Herman

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