September, 2014 – Phoenix, Arizona – 9 PM MST



Description: The photos are of a UFO or orb. They are approximately 2 feet in diameter and have a white glow. They are only seen with a digital camera. I have photographed it several times over a month period through September, 2014, but not so far in October. The orb hovers on the electric line from the power pole in the alley to my house 15 feet up. I believe they are charging up with electricity? When I would spot one at night as soon as I take a picture it starts to take off. I can get 4 shots before it’s gone. Sometimes there are two. They are also different shapes (round, octagon. I have photographed orbs approximately 10 times. I have 50 pictures of them. Here are 5 of them. Also the octagon shaped orb was in my bedroom next to the light switch. The orb was approximately 7×7 inches in an octagon shape. Why was it in my room?

Note: This case needs to be taken with a “grain of salt.” The witness’s report was difficult to read and has been rewritten to make it clearer. The object in the photo is difficult to identify, but probably could be explained if more data were available.

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  1. robin brown says:

    Well at the risk of sounding nuts I have seen orbs in my house and around them. They are gold oval shaped and some are just orbs of light that change shape. I hesitate to report them because most people think that they are something else or that I am not actually seeing them. I have not seen them in quite a while, but I am certain of what I saw. My daughter witnessed them with me on two different occasions. I would not be posting this except that I do believe the witness report and know that most people, even credible UFO sites do not believe reports if they state they see objects or crafts on a regular basis.

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