September 21, 2013 – Kraaifontein, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa – 8:19 PM Local Time

Enhanced Brightness & Slight Enlargement of Photo of Light.

Enhanced Brightness & Slight Enlargement of Photo of Light.

Description: Hi. We saw the strange light 21 Sept 2013 at 8:19 PM in the Kraaifontein area in Cape Town. I have attached a picture taken with my phone camera. It was extremely bright, much brighter then the stars that you can see in the background. I thought you might be interested. We see these lights often from our 3rd story apartment at different places in the sky each time.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: The lights we usually see are to the northwest of where we are and usually pulsate with different colors such as green and red, but mainly an orange and white. Most of the time they are in the distance and I cannot take pictures of them. They can last for hours and then suddenly disappear. On some occasions they would move instantly from one spot to another on others they would wobble (the best description) a few meters in either direction. In this case however it was much closer and to the southwest of the Kraaifontein area. This one did not pulsate like the others, but was one solid incredibly bright light. There are planes that come through this area, and we can usually tell within seconds if this is the case. But this light was quite eerie because of it’s intensity. It did not move. We watched it for about an hour at the time. We were taking our cats out for a walk that night so did not look at it constantly. But after about 2 hours it had simply vanished from sight. One instant it was there and in the space of a few seconds it had gone.

I am an avid star gazer and this just seemed strange to me. The first time I had seen strange pulsating lights was in the Plettenberg Bay area. That was the only occasion that I had ever seen one of these strange things moving across the sky. My whole family has seen it in that area, and we often amazed at how they seem to move across the sky. It has been fairly cloudy here lately, but on clear nights they appear. I was curious to see if others had seen these things as I cannot explain what they are. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of them when they do appear.I hope I have given you some good information. If I do capture anything else I will send it to you.

Note: UFOS Northwest thanks the witness for a good response to questions. Venus was visible in the Southwestern sky at the time and location of the photo. Given the addition information the witness likely photographed the planet Venus.

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