September 21, 2014 – Columbia, Missouri – 6:13 AM CDT

Description: I am from Columbia, MO. For the past few months I have been outside in the night time and morning. A few months ago I saw something in the night sky turn unreal bright then move north and it’s light went out, but I could see a dark spec still flying in the sky north. So that got me going and looking every night for something odd. Well oddly enough I see a lot of orbs flying in the sky. They have one light no blinking lights like airplanes do. They look kind of like stars in the night sky, but they move. Anyway this morning (it is 6:13 AM now) I woke up and went outside to have a peek like I usually do this early. I saw 4 orbs going east. One was oddly low, but usually their way up. When air planes pass in the morning I can always hear them and see their multiple flashing lights so I know theire not airplanes.

Note: I would treat this report with “a grain of salt.” Anybody who spots UFO’s on a regular basis is probably prone to delusion. Perhaps the witness did have a prior sighting and this may make him more likely to make deductions that normal phenomena are UFO’s.

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  1. robin brown says:

    I’m a little disappointed by your statement that someone who sees UFO’s on a regular basis is delusional. Statements like that perpetuate the stigma that people who see things are crazy and yes delusional. Most people don’t see things everyday, however some might. UFO’s are out there and some might actually be seeing them more than others. I see quite a few things and don’t report half of them for that reason.

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