September 21, 2014 – Newton Abbot Devon, UK – 1:26 PM GMT

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Description: Hi Bill: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing through the viewfinder of my camera. This flying saucer flew up to the back of this airplane and made contact with the tail section. The flying saucer then gave the plane a nudge before flying off at an incredible rate of speed. The pilot must of felt the nudge and probably thought it was air turbulence. In the photo you can clearly see the flying saucer. It has a dome on the top and has a light on the bottom. It’s a classic looking flying saucer. What on earth are the aliens Playing at? Why are they playing chicken with our planes? What are they up to? Photos taken in Newton Abbot Devon, UK on ‎21 ‎September ‎2014, 1:26 PM GMT using Sony Cyber shot 50x zoom 20.4 MP Digital Camera.

Note: We have received several photos from this photographer in the past few years. His photos have not been proven to be fabrications. He used a high resolution camera to take the above photos. High resolution images allow one to do a more “refined” photo analysis.

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6 Responses to September 21, 2014 – Newton Abbot Devon, UK – 1:26 PM GMT

  1. mike says:

    I can see the UFO very clearly. This photo is amazing.

  2. investigator says:

    I looked extremely close at this photo. It looks like the rear end of the plane has been painted yellow even up the rudder. There is nothing trailing this aircraft except it’s paint at the rear end.

    Your listening to someone [me] who carries several film and digital cameras with him every day hoping to be at the right place at the right time for a good sighting to be photographed. We lived in 3 states in which 1 or 2 patrolmen in each state were chasing or being chased by some kind of UFO in my city. In seconds racing to my front or rear door I saw nothing, but my wife has also heard the police statements. And yes I use film because it is the least likly medium to be tampered with.

    And how does a person like me who is now 66 had all this bad luck?

    over the scanner.


  3. Thomas Turk says:

    No big deal and a terrible photo. For close-up UFO photos taken on an Olympus film camera open You’ll also see 8mm, cine etc. way before photoshopping!

    Despite what NASA, SETI, astronomers and Governments ‘say’, we have had open contact with this group of ET for over 70 years. They are 12,500 years ahead of us on technology. medicine and the Creational Laws knowledge. They live 500 light years distant in a slightly different ‘time vibration’, so their star that you see in the night sky is not their home, that is Taygeta in the Pleiades, in the Taurus Constellation.

    They get here in there normal ships in 7 hours, and using a ship given them from mates in a parallel Universe, (photographed and called the Wedding Cake Ship) they get here in a millionth of a second. Their mates are much more advanced. When the Swiss contactee asked the pilot of the ‘fast’ ship how it it works, he said, in German I don’t know. I just set up your coordinates press a button and arrive as soon as it’s pressed!

    The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters, compilation of these contacts explains much. It’s the most lifechanging info. I have read in ny 76 year life.

  4. jomo says:

    Stop with this fraud junk.

  5. Barbara Griffith says:

    I looked close at the photo, but I couldn’t see anything, but a small light of some sort. Everything was so blurry. If this person seems to see so many UFO’s they should buy if they can afford it a professional video camera like the news organizations use. I know they are on the expensive side, but that may be the only way to really get a good look at a UFO. I think if one of those had been used this sighting would have made the 6 o’clock news.

    • Administrator says:

      The witness did use a high quality camera. I doubt if a video camera would provide any more detail than the 50 mega-pixel camera that he used.

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