September 22, 2013 – Oakdale, Long Island, New York – 8:30 to 8:53 PM EDT

Description: I was smoking a cigarette outside on my sister’s porch and saw an orange light floating across the sky. It seemed to go from an orange line when coming from above the horizon (West to Northwest from my point of view) to an orange ball or orb as it traveled higher and further away. It didn’t blink. It was a solid orange until it disappeared. This was not too odd until I saw 10 of them in the span of 23 minutes all in the same flight pattern. Seven of them were all at the same interval (about a minute apart all in the same flight path). Before I saw the last 3 there was an 8 minute break and then the last 3 came all at the same intervals (about a minute apart again). I decided to Google this and see if anyone had seen the same tonight (September 22nd, 2013) or recently, and saw your site with someone from Bay Shore (2 towns west of where I am on Long Island) who saw the same thing as me on the 4th of July. Once I saw that I knew I had to write in and tell someone. I haven’t seen any more as of the writing of this, but they DEFINITELY DIDN’T blink like regular aircraft and I am not sure if the clouds or haze was skewing the light source, but they absolutely looked to go from a line into an orb the higher and further away they got from my vantage point. Just the timing/interval/color and everything else about my sighting was not normal. Either they were military or unknown. I am leaning towards unknown. My brother-in-law and I are floored. We have no clue what they were.

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