September 23, 2013 – Erieau, Ontario, Canada – 8:30 to 10 PM EDT

Description: I wanted to come on here and mention that last night (September 23, 2013) I was out at Erieau standing on the side of the lighthouse facing the lake (across towards Cleveland) and saw repeated balls of light hovering at water level and shooting straight up or angular and disappearing. They appeared constantly in the same area from around 8:30 until close to 10 PM. The person I was with said they had seen them before in the past. It was amazing to see and didn’t look like anything I could wrap my head around, unless it was a military training of some sort with flares and helicopters. The weather was perfectly clear and the lights appeared to be quite far away, but moved very quickly. It was kind of surreal since there was no sound to be heard at all. I am not sure what to make of it. I wish I would have had my video camera with me.

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