September 23, 2014 – Stockton, California – 1:46 AM PDT

Description: While driving northbound on Highway 99, within the Stockton City Limits, between Crosstown Freeway and Waterloo Road, over my left shoulder, I saw a bright white singular light traveling at a moderate rate of speed heading north over Highway 99. There was no noise (like that of a jet aircraft) however, it did look like the fiery exhaust of a jet engine. It was tear-drop in shape and I could not see anything in front of it. The altitude was less than 1,000 feet and the fire-ball itself could have been covered by a dime from my vantage point. It traveled with me for about 1/4 mile (10 seconds) and then just disappeared.

Note: The sighting report has some characteristics of a rocket. A Minuteman III rocket was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base (to the south) on Sep 23, 2014, but the launch wasn’t until 7:45 PM PDT.

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