September 25, 2011 – Port Lucie, Florida – 10:30 PM EDT

Description: I was out walking my dog minding my own business. We had a very (strange storm for this town, because it didn’t feel like the rest of the storms we’ve had for some time) large storm that just seemed to stand still like it was silent. The strangest part was the lightning went to it’s yellow color, to blue and then a perfect white color for some time. The storm got worse and I became more interested in the activity of the storm. As I stare into the sky, my dog goes berserk. Two white flashes of lightning and “BAM!” The darkness of the clouds turns a dark bright red. I am flipping out because I know exactly what I saw. (Something I couldn’t explain was going on.) It didn’t move for about two minutes (unidentified Flying object) until a helicopter came about a mile of it’s location. It made some fast movement’s by going in many directions. It then stopped again and ever so slowly disappeared into the thick darkness of the storm. After that I was left in shock for not having a camera or the sight of seeing this thing! That day I never spoke of it again until now. I have real footage.

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