September 4, 2010 – Moselle, Missouri – 12 PM CDT

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Description: It was a very hot humid day, but technically clear. I am a pilot and I was trying to see an airplane fly over the house, but the sun being so high and over head I could not see a thing. While looking in the direction of the sound of the airplane (west) I noticed a shadow (dark) moving very slowly from my left to my right. It was like something very high up and behind me was casting a shadow down into the very humid hazy air. I have seen this type of shadow from an aircraft, but never from the ground. The object had a little protrusion hanging down in from of the shadowed object. Again it was moving very slow. I tried to look into and away from the sun to see if I could make out anything that could cast a shadow and there never was anything to be seen. The shadow slowly moved out of sight behind a tree line. I live in a low area so from my vantage point you never see the actual horizon. I heard no sounds. The dark shadow cylinder shaped with an object hanging from the right side of the tube shaped thing. I noticed that my object was seen 4 months after the object of June 14th, 2010. Here is the kicker. I have in front of me a flight chart and if you draw a line from the Concord community south of St. Louis over to Moselle the line is in the same general direction I saw my cylindrical object move (075 degrees to the east). And according to your blog, you have a sighting in Catawissa, Mo. which is exactly in line with the Concord area and Moselle. I will look at the Catawissa sighting to see what the date was. Please let me know if others have seen this in or around my area. Thank you!!

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  1. Joel Small says:

    I lived in Missouri as a boy, and there was a time when I noticed that there was a quite discernable shadow being cast on a ballfield that I was near. When I tried to see the object above the field that would be casting it, I couldn’t see anything so I thought that maybe the shadowing object was too high to see. This shadow stayed unmoving for as long as I was there being some twenty minutes. Maybe this object was a weather balloon, but it was a very large shadow. Maybe an unseen cirrus cloud, but there were absolutely no clouds to be seen, high or low. I know that it bugged me that I couldn’t find whatever was the cause of that shadow. (I could even see the shadow column that extended upward toward it’s source!) so I kind of empathize with this Missourian.

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