September 6, 2013 – Clinton Township, Michigan – 9:40 to 10 AM EDT



Description: I was at work, (Clinton Township, MI) taking a short break and looking at the airliners crossing the clear skies when I noticed a silver/bright gray object reflect off the sunlight. I took note that the planes were well above 35,000 feet up, producing contrails and looking like normal passenger aircraft. This object was only 15 to 20 thousand feet? There was no contrail, it was silent and it was bullet/half domed in shape. It was too high to be a helicopter or a small plane. I watched it as it slowly moved about the clear sky. Many times, it reflected the sunlight which appeared bright white (flash), but right before it was that color, a silver color would appear (like a shiny, liquid metallic gray/silver). I have never witnessed a color like this. When the sun wasn’t reflecting off it, it would appear as a pewter gray or even take on a reddish brown color, but for some reason, my camera wouldn’t pick up this color in the photos.

I watched this craft for almost 20 minutes. It approached from the west (10 o’clock position), moved east and when I last saw it, it was in a 1 o’clock position (slightly east of due north). At times, the craft moved erratically, but it’s main direction was east. The wind was around 4 MPH and coming from the north.

The picture attached to this report is the best one I have, although the others are pretty good. It shows only the reflection off of the sun. Again, I couldn’t get the photos to show it without the sun’s reflection.

I have a video of the craft, but I can’t get it to upload on this site. If you are interested in viewing the video, contact me and I will send it to you via email.

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  1. Uchu says:

    This is a video recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in January of last year. It has very interesting similarities compared to what this witness saw.

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