September 6, 2014 – Newport, Vermont – 8:30 PM EDT



Description: While in our backyard having a bon fire with my fiance, 3 glowing red objects approximately 1 minute apart flew low from NNE from the Newport, VT area to Fairfax, VT, then turned 90 Degrees East, towards the Montpelier, VT area, turning in an upward trajectory. All 3 used same flight path. We heard no sound. There were no flashing lights as required by the FAA. In my 10 years active Air Force aircraft operations, I have never seen the anything like this. I called my neighbor telling him a 3rd was coming towards his house. He, his wife and daughter saw the same. This picture was take as it was flying away from our house towards the full moon tonight. It was very odd. At first I thought it was a satellite, but was very big and low, first seen through our trees, then once it flew overhead and it then turned left (east). I knew it was something very different. It was a bright flickering red orange with a glow above. I thought was a paper fire globe, but realized it must have been flying 400 MPH or more. It was way bigger and faster than commercial aircraft we see and hear all the time. Conditions were as follows: 20:30 hours, Sep 6, clear skies, temperature 63 degrees, no wind and a full moon. The orange object is in the upper right of the photo. The photo was taken from my fiancé’s I-phone.

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