September 7, 2013 – South Hampton, New Jersey – 1:30 AM EDT

Description: I was heading west down Route 70 in South Hampton, NJ at approximately 1:30 AM on Sept 7, 2013. There were no other cars around and there was a bright object coming over the tree line to the left. My first thought was that it was a plane, but when it started descending and stopped over the road about 100 feet up in the air, I starting thinking otherwise. There were three bright white lights in the front and as it got closer turned into one bright light. I was so scared I started shaking. I did not want to drive under it, but as I did, I looked up and saw a boomerang shape, like the wings of a plane, but without the body of the plane. There were also red lights underneath the object. There was no sound and no speed to this aircraft. All my options to what it was were ruled out. I can only identify this as a UFO.

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  1. Kairi420 says:

    I saw 4 red/orange UFOs on the same night hovering over Passaic from Clifton, NJ at 12:30 AM. I got a pretty good look at it too. I didn’t know what to make of it. The sky around them was orange. They looked vase in size. I kept telling myself it must me a drone or a helicopter, but these things were flying, made no sound, flew in a formation close to one another, flew vertically, flew horizontally and seemed agile. The strange thing is they were so bright and illuminated. They didn’t seen like they were hiding in any sort of way. I have never seen anything like that in my 40 years of life.

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