September 7, 2014 – Newton Abbot Devon, UK – 4:15 PM GMT



Description: Hi Bill: I just finished reading a news story of aviation experts being stumped by a flying man. Click here to read the news article (published by the-mind-unleashed) I managed to capture a photo of this flying man back on the ‎7th of ‎September ‎2014 at ‏‎4:15 PM GMT Newton Abbot Devon, UK. I can confirm that this was no balloon. I can also confirm that this man had no jetpack or visible wings. I looked through my binoculars and I can tell you this man had a cape and no visible means of Flight. I cannot explain this. I have had many flying humanoid sighting and my first sighting was of Mothman Back In The Summer of 1993. This sighting also took place in Newton Abbot Devon, UK. The Mothman I witnessed was wearing black boots with downward facing triangles on them and it had bat like wings and no visible signs of a head on it’s body. I could hear a whooshing sound as the wings of this being made contact with the air. After this sighting I have been encountering UFOs and other strange phenomenon on a daily basis. I have witnessed things that should not exist.

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