September 8, 2012 – Cameron, Texas – Evening

One of Several Photos Taken. (Photos Are Likely "Distortions" of the Moon.)

One of Several Photos Taken. (Photos Are Likely “Distortions” of the Moon.)

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Description: Message sent from my iPad. A friend was riding with me from Austin back to Waco when we passed by Cameroon. We were in open country farmland. The moon seemed a really large crescent and had an deep orange color to it so I handed my friend my iPhone and asked her to take a few shots of it. She was not wearing her glasses and wasn’t sure if she had gotten a good picture so I told her to take several. A day or two later I decided to see how they came out and was kind of shocked at what I first saw. Then I got curious and started zooming in on all the smaller anomalies in the 3 pictures . I am not sure what you are supposed to do so I am sending them to you.

The object looks as if it’s about a 1/2 car length up in front of us. (The picture shows the big rectangle orange yellow thing.) I also would like to state there are no street lamps on the highway like you would see on I-35. It is very dark and hard to see. I think that windows were down when the photos were taken. The lady who took photos said she definitely opened the window first because she remembered being concerned about dropping my phone. The windows are tinted and scratched and not very clear.

Note: Several photos were sent by the witness. All of the photos show one object which is likely a “distortion” of the moon due to camera “time exposure” and camera movement. The moon was 48% (waning gibbous) at the time the photos were taken.

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