September 9, 2014 – North of Charleston, SC on US Airways Flight – 10:50 AM EDT

Flight Track of US Airways Flight - 9/9/2014.

Flight Track of US Airways Flight – 9/9/2014.



Description: I was on US Airways flight 3385 from Washington, DC to Charleston SC, September 9, 2014. At approximately 10 minutes out from Charleston, at approximately 10,000 feet I saw off to the left side and below two very large black antenna rising from two different clouds. They appeared to be single pole antenna without motion rising 500 feet from the top of the cloud. I could clearly see below the cloud that it was not land based which would have been impossible at this height. I waited to be the last passenger off of the plane and I asked the pilot if he saw two antenna protruding from the clouds off the left side on the plane and if he knew what they were. His reply: “There were two more off to the right side and we have no idea what they were”.

Second Report From Witness: No, the pilot did not take any evasive action. The objects were stationary and below the aircraft.

Note: It has been determined that this flight was quite late. The flight left Washington, DC just over an hour late. The plane landed in Charleston 45 minutes late. If the sighting occurred 10 minutes out of Charleston, SC, the time of the sighting would have been around 10:50 AM EDT. (The witness reported that the sighting occurred at 10:15 AM EDT.)

A few clouds were reported at Charleston Airport at the time of the sighting. The highest cloud layers were between 10,000 and 12,000 feet. (Conditions could have been slightly different at the location of the sighting.) The above map shows shower activity (green and brown areas) over the Atlantic Ocean. An attempt will be made to acquire the communications tapes of US Airways 3385 conversations with Charleston Approach and Air Traffic Control to see if the crew reported the sighting to either entity.

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5 Responses to September 9, 2014 – North of Charleston, SC on US Airways Flight – 10:50 AM EDT

  1. j says:

    Hey Gary: I’m assuming by the way you wrote your comment that you’re the original poster? If so, what else can you describe about what you saw? Color? Luminosity? What did it appear it was made from (metal?fabric/blimp material etc.)? Did it feel at all to be a floating dirigible of some kind? Was it maybe a weather gathering balloon or something? If the pilot saw the same thing starboard side, it may have been one giant construct. Then again wouldn’t it be seen from the ground? A weird sighting indeed.

  2. Gary Miller says:

    I agree that the time was closer to 10:50 AM. I based my sighting time off my itinerary and sighting occurred 15 minutes prior to touchdown. Unfortunately I was so intent on looking at the two objects that I didn’t think to use my phone for a photograph. I would expect the pilot to recognize something out of the ordinary and think to take a picture. For my own peace of mind, I hope he did.

    For the record: I am a 60 year old professional who flies about a dozen times per year.

  3. Barbara Griffith says:

    This is one of the strangest sightings I have ever heard of. I hope more information can be found. Now we have antenna growing out of clouds.

  4. Ed says:

    Is this the new state of the art in weather engineering: false clouds, cell phone interception by the NSA, probably not. I am not convinced it’s a UFO this time. Precedent Ebola has no idea either, just the now rogue military etc.

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