Serpent Shaped Object Drifts West Then East.

Location of Sighting: Port Macquarie. N.S.W. Australia
Date of Sighting: July 9, 2017
Time of Sighting: 2.06 PM to 2.39 PM Local Time



Description: The Object was first sighted with 90 MM telescope. I was not visible to the naked eye. The object drifted West for 5 minutes and then East for 20 minutes until it was out of sight. I used a Canon 7D camera with a 1,800 MM lens raw format. The object was fading in and out of visibility and was turning slowly at times. It looked like a possible serpent, similar to Mexico sightings. Your guess on what this object was is as good as mine. It was an unknown object.

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5 Responses to Serpent Shaped Object Drifts West Then East.

  1. Victor Hill says:

    What you are seeing is 50 feet (15.24 metres) UFO Solar Balloon made by Tedco Toys. Refer to

  2. Observer says:

    It is a balloon.

    • Administrator says:

      Hmmm: That is the strangest balloon that I have ever seen. Perhaps we can call it an “unidentified” flying balloon!

  3. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett and a big thank you to the person(s) who submitted this visual and photographic report! These types of objects have been reported several times in the United States, and I have seen at least two other photographs that depict essentially the same sort of object. To me they look kind of like those ‘swimming pool noodles’ that are in about every yard that has any sort of pool! I would like to know if any of the people who see these ever notice any change in orientation and shape or if they keep that familiar slightly bent shape one sees in the photos. I notice that this Australian saw any sort of twisting or ‘writhing’ motion, as the witness describes what was seen as “serpentine” like. Anyway Mr. Puckett, thanks for your great work!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Joel:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, the shape does look like some swimming pool flotation devices. The witness said that the object changed directions. It was probably fairly high as it was only visible thru his telescope.

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