Several Aerial Floating Orange Lights Suddenly Vanish.

Location of Sighting: Aurora, Indiana
Date of Sighting: September 18, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM EDT

Description: I might have just had a sighting relating to the floating lights that appeared over Bloomington, Indiana three years ago. I live in Aurora and I was driving home from work when I saw several floating orange lights above the big hill there around 8:20 PM. When I returned less than a few minutes later, they were gone. I am not quite certain what they were. It’s possible that they were merely drones being flown by people or floating lanterns. They appeared close to the fire station that was on top of the hill, but they seemed a little small to be actual UFOs. This may be a case of mistaken identity, but I feel like I should report this. If someone is able to prove they weren’t UFOs, I’d be willing to retract my statement. I hope someone will be able to corroborate on this, whether with a picture they’ve managed to take or with a more logical explanation for them.

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