Several Balls Orange-Red Light Pass Sequentially Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: Hillsboro, Oregon
Date of Sighting: January 1, 2017
Time of Sighting: 12:05 AM PST

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Description: I had stepped out onto my deck to hear the neighborhood firecrackers going off as the clock struck midnight on New Years for 2017. I had been sipping hot tea and listening to Louis Armstrong etc. and classic music in my apartment. As I opened the door to my tiny deck, I noticed the sky had cleared in one patch. (It had been rainy and snowy all day and cold.) The stars were very bright in this one circular area. As I was thinking about high striking this was. I heard firecrackers going off but low on horizon. Then I just saw this glowing ball of red light pop into view from the southwest. (My apartment faces exactly due west.) I’m on the third floor apt with an unobstructed view of skies over rooftops. The orb just moved very slowly and deliberately towards me. At first I thought there must be some firelight from the firecrackers below reflecting off an airplane, but then I noticed it was very round and quiet. (This was unusual.) I stared at it awhile as it came towards me and then I could clearly see red and orange glowing lights inside it and almost a cluster of lights if I squinted. Then it seemed to be pulsing within itself or spinning. It felt like I saw it spiral or spin on itself like a top. Then another popped into view and then another. I counted six all moving about 1 to 2 minutes apart from each other, but on the same coordinate precision line. Then I really realized these were not airplanes of any kind and could not figure it out. I ran to get my I-phone and came back and continued to watch them pop up from southwest and move northeast. I counted up to 10 to 12 units and one was a “pair” in the center flight formation. Those are the ones I caught the longest on film. Each group just blinked out once they got to a certain point right above my chimney line which would have been over an open air field/farm of the Tulatin Valley area of Hillsboro, Oregon. I live across the street from the Jones Farm Intel Campus and in the high tech area of Portland in Beaverton/Hillsboro. I’m 15 miles from Scappoose, OR which is on other side of the mountains across Cornelius Pass. I am in the outskirts going towards Seaside (about an hour away to the coast). So this was amazing. They all flew in a diagonal line across sky. All were slow moving. The pair seemed to come towards me when I got my camera as it had the flash on I think and I’m pretty sure they could see me. My cats were going nuts inside my apartment – meowing incessantly and acting very odd. This whole thing lasted about 18 to 20 minutes. About 12 were flying across sky at 1 to 2 minute intervals. The pair seemed to get so close at one point that I thought they would either crash or become one unit. They just stayed in tight tandem precision flying. I live directly across from the Hillsboro Airport that does private charters and planes for the high tech companies. I also date a commercial airline pilot who is a flight instructor and he has said today when viewing these, that he has not seen this in his aviation history. We have no explanation and see all sorts of things flying out of the airport here, even airshows with fighter jets so none of these were those. I just wanted to report it to someone keeping up with this and I do have a history of seeing similar, but last time was in 1986 and even more “dramatic” of a situation. I’ll chat on that separately if interested. But for now this was on the stroke of the New Year which I find very very interesting and weird timing for me to catch it on video. Let me know your thoughts.

I am having a very hard time getting the videos to upload. The form keeps asking for a valid extension. I have converted to MPG and they were .MOV as well. I have tried renaming and everything off a MAC laptop. The longer one is 370 MB. The shorter is under 100 MB so I am not not sure what to do if you do not receive. This upload just keeps saying same thing: They are too big or have the wrong file extension. Is there another way to get you these? Do I need to upload to a YouTube channel?

Note: The witness quite likely viewed Chinese lanterns. They are launched frequently to celebrate the new year.

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10 Responses to Several Balls Orange-Red Light Pass Sequentially Across Sky.

  1. Observer says:

    Well I hear fireworks in the background & since the video was taken as 2017 began, I think we can safely say that these are Chinese Lanterns.

    • Louis Villegas says:

      Chinese Lanterns do not move like that especially once in the air. Think about what you are saying. How in the world could they be Chinese lanterns hanging out together like that, impossible. The moment someone sees something that can’t be explained, they turn to the most likely possible answer which is a Chinese lantern or a drone. Too high, especially knowing the time of the year, too cold. The lantern would have gone out by then. I myself along with my wife witness 30 red-like orbs flying out of McChord Air Force Base in Lakewood, Washington on April 2, 2017.

  2. Young says:

    I have been seeing the exact same balls at night for the past 3 days in Tacoma, WA. My kid said she also saw them in Tukwila, WA. I am close to the Air Force Base and last night on my way home there were fewer of these round balls and there were planes all over the place. I assume it was Ft Lewis and MC Chord checking them out. I hear no other reports about these things in the paper or on the internet. I cannot be the only person that sees this. I just want to know what or who they are and where they came from.

  3. Jenay says:

    I am in Sacramento, CA. I believe I seen and recorded what you did. I was facing west/north. Your video looks very very similar to mine. And the glowing orbs are very much the same.

  4. Jenay says:

    Chinese new years is not happening yet. This would not be a time to see them. And would have to be huge.

  5. Jenay says:

    How can we safety assume Chinese lanterns? This is not the time for Chinese New Years.

    • Administrator says:

      People launch them all of the time. I attended a wedding party last summer and we launched Chinese Lanterns.

      • Jenay says:

        Me and Hillsburo are roughly 600 miles away from each other. My video matches this one, and the time frame also. How big would that lantern need to be if we seen the same set?

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