Several Bright Spheres Hover & Drop Light at 1 Sec Intervals.

Location of Sighting: Grass Valley, California
Date of Sighting: November 24, 2019
Time of Sighting: 5:29 AM PST

Description: 11/24/19 5:29 am above my apt. Complex my girlfriend and I witnessed a massive phenom of bright spheres being deployed my side. They were hovering and dropping light at 1 seconds intervals. We lost count at 24 spheres with a lot more coming out of a door. I have the location of the drop zone. As far as we can see a caravan of spheres moved fast and was the same distance between all spheres. They were heading one direction.  From the ground the sphere was about the size of quarter. We called Beale Air Force Base.

Additional Comments From Witness: I Raymond promise that what we saw has never been seen.  I have the location (longitude/latitudes) of the drop off zone and direction the spheres were heading. My girlfriend Melissa is the other witness and she is so distraught that she almost collapsed. She is still shocked and scared of how systemically they came out of appeared to be a door when opened.  It is unbelievable that their technology can perform beyond any human’s intelligence. We are telling the truth.

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