Several Formations Lights Hover in Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Lake Forest Park, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 17, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM to 2 AM PDT

Description: My sighting was in Lake forest park, WA. We watched bright orbs hover for hours in different formations. Occasionally they would disperse and one would fly over us and to our surprise transform into triangular jets. However, no jets can do the maneuvers and formations that we witnessed. We saw around 10 to 15 of them in all. We saw the lights over the Lake Washington horizon in the south sky. We took a video, but it is too large to attach by my phone. I can email it later.

Second Report:My sighting Started at 10:30 PM last night (August 17th) when I walked out in my front yard with my daughter. The sighting lasted until 2 AM. When I went to bed there was still one light out. There were 4 at first, and then 7 (They seemed to come out of nowhere) and they would go into different formations. Then maybe one would start moving away and disappear or in 3 different cases, one came towards us and then suddenly it would transform into some type of triangular jet aircraft with a red and blue light!!! It was bizarre because these were NOT airplanes, but could obviously turn into airplanes. Have you ever heard of a transforming craft before? I am just curious. It looks like others on YouTube have for sure seen shape shifting craft. I will transfer video and pictures from my phone tonight and send you. I have got quite a few. Thanks William. Any thoughts on whose craft these were? There were either ET or Military obviously.

Note: We are attempting to acquire photos and videos taken by witness. Updates will be posted.

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3 Responses to Several Formations Lights Hover in Night Sky.

  1. MKS says:

    Just some advice: If you could make some sketches of the objects, labeled by color and indicate their movements, that would be useful. You can photograph your sketch with your cell phone. If you have any video footage, don’t compress it (.zip) or edit it for emailing. You want to put your largest, unaltered video into a downloading service like Drop Box to transfer it to researchers. Do not edit or alter your video in any way.

    • Administrator says:

      Good advice on producing sketches. I get many witnesses who upload videos to YouTube and Facebook and want me to analyze them. Both YouTube and Facebook compress videos making analysis difficult. The raw unedited footage is always best to work with.

  2. robin brown says:

    I too have seen orbs that hung in the sky for half an hour or so only to have them start moving and blinking and fly over me looking just like a plane.

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