Several Groups of Round Reddish Spheres Move “Purposely.”

Location of Sighting: Keller, Texas
Date of Sighting: June 16, 2021
Time of Sighting: 11 PM CDT


Description: Our sighting started at just before 11 PM on 6/16/21 in Keller, TX. There were so many at first. iran inside to get my phone and husband, who’s a retired Marine pilot. By time I got outside it was still a steady stream of spheres, but went from 4, to 2, to a steam of 1. Dallas Ft Worth (DFW) airport is close by and you can hear a plane off to the left, but I didn’t film. These made zero sound. You can mute the sound on my video because I sound a little freaked out. (LOL). We saw the orbs for 40 minutes. I found out that the apartment maintenance guy from the complex saw and videotaped it too. Any info would be appreciated Thanks much!

I did research. It looks like a lot of unidentified drones have been flying at night and in formation all over the country. I think I’ll report this to the Texas Homeland Security and local police.

Note: The spheres could be Chinese Lanterns, but that is an educated guess. The witness feels that the spheres resemble videos taken in January, 2008 in the Stephensville, TX mass sighting. (The video clip above has been enhanced with zooming and contrast adjustment.)

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3 Responses to Several Groups of Round Reddish Spheres Move “Purposely.”

  1. cs says:

    This sounds exactly like what I witnessed in Ohio a few weeks ago. I heard no sound and the objects flew with such precision. I could not get my camera in time to video my sighting. They started out flying side by side, two by two, then they starting flying real close together (4 of them). There were 17 altogether and they navigated like the blue angels?

  2. Jerry Gray says:

    You can clearly hear the jet engines getting louder as the approach in the last half of the video. Sorry those look 99.9% like military aircraft. I’m ex-air force and internationally certified aircraft mechanic. I’ve heard those sounds a lot. Someone is flying around with their landing lights on. They are not commercial aircraft. They don’t fly in semi formation like that. Best Regards From The Tropics.

    Jerry Gray

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. I am not convinced that these are military craft. They are the wrong color. Aircraft lights are red, green and white. These lights are orange. Also the lights are not blinking at all. The witnesses saw regular aircraft which accounts for the noise. The witnesses did not videotape the aircraft. They stated that the craft were silent. This is only one of several video clips. On other clips there is no sound at all from the lights.

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