Several Sightings of RC-26 Aircraft & Drones Doing UFO Surveillance.

Location of Sighting: Portage, Indiana
Date of Sighting: March 11 & Earlier Dates (See Below)
Times of Sighting: (See Below)

Sunday Feb. 24, 2019 06:15PM Portage, Indiana


It’s been very windy all day with gusts over 45 MPH at ground level and much higher as you go up. And, about 6:15 PM I looked out the back bathroom window, at the first clear sky we have had in awhile, and observed one UFO to the South close enough to see the tight cluster of pulsating white diamond lights. In addition, there were at least 8 others scattered about in my field of vision out the back window. And, while I was watching a rather large plane appeared, flying low and slow, that I now know to be a RC-26 Military Surveillance Aircraft that is specially equipped to gather information and high-resolution video of any illegal activity they may spot. I believe this is the same A/C I have been seeing almost every night when I have been watching the UFO’s and is so quiet I had to open the window to hear it as it flew over the house while I was watching the UFO activity – or lack of activity because they are almost always stationary.

I am sure the military by now has a lot of videos and other info they have gathered on these UFO’s but I have seen none of it. It’s nice to know that the Military is watching out for us but why the secrecy?

March 7, 2019. Portage, Indiana

Last night (3/07/19) between 10:00 PM and 10:15 PM I observed “TWO” RC-26 Military Surveillance A/C flying over low, slow, quiet, and with their under fuse. head lights on. At the timeI only saw two UFO’s in the area, then noticed a brightly lighted camera drone flying behind the trees so I continued watching it until it came out by the YMCA building and turned North by Willowcreek Rd. and I think it landed in the parking lot.

March 11,2019 -01:10AM- Portage, Indiana

During a 1:10 AM bath room visit I observed a couple of UFO’s in the area, then I saw what looked like a brightly lighted Camera Drone moving behind the trees but soon lost sight of it. And, about the same time I saw another RC-26 Military Surveillance A/C flying by with his “Under The Fuse Head Lights” on.

Mar.11,2019 – 8;30PM to 9:12PM – Portage, Indiana

I was taking a TV commercial bath room break when I looked out and saw quite a few UFO’s in the area and then observed a large camera drone coming up from behind the trees towards Lute Rd. And then another one came up behind it. Then both continued climbing and they both flew over my house – I assume they were going after the UFO’s high over head. In addition, I observed one plane approaching and then another some distance behind the first one. I then went to the front of the house to see where the drones went but only saw one to the North. Both of these drones were a long way from where they started and the operators must be in cars ? I also noted two small planes from the front window. Then, I returned to the back window and was trying to watch two more Drones (?) staying very low behind the tree line towards Lute Road.

09:30 PM. I jJust looked out the back window and was watching a large camera drone coming up from behind the trees. He seems to be staying low around the Willowcreek and Lute Rd. intersection. Two small planes are now also passing through the area. I think more people are trying to get videos of the UFO’s while they are here.

09:45 PM Another camera drone (or maybe they just put another battery in it ) just came up from the Willowcreek YMCA parking lot and, it looks like two Military RC-26 A/C are coming towards me in formation but then they split up, both going in a different direction.

10:15 PM I just looked out the back window and only two UFO’s were visible – with no drones in sight. Two small planes flew over in different directions but too high to be looking at the UFO’s. However, when I checked the front window the sky seemed brighter, with a crescent moon in the sky, and more UFO’s were visible. I am glad to see more camera drones in the area but it’s too bad they were not here in July and August when the UFO’s were closer and lower although they still do some times appear very low at different times. My Yuneek Q500 camera drone is programmed to go no higher than 399 feet according to FAA rules, but the more professional looking drones that I have been seeing can probably go higher if there is no air traffic in the area. I am sure they could get a lot of money for a close-up video of a UFO in the air and I would like to see them in a TV documentary on UFO’s. I doubt if the Military is ever going to show any of the HD videos they they have been taking for the last 8 months. 

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  1. Donald says:

    I saw weird looking at lights that were stationary and then disappeared and reappeared

  2. Observer says:

    If the RC-26s aren’t just training, they can be tasked by local & state-level law enforcement for counter-drug operations, with certain restrictions.

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